A ‘Who’-vable feast

Fans of Doctor Who — which returns to BBC America with new episodes on March 30 — are celebrating the half-centenary of the global hit sci-fi series in diverse ways, but few of them have gone to the whimsical extremes of Chris-Rachael Oseland.
The “technology and geek life reporter” for the Austin Post spent more than 100 hours watching past episodes of Doctor Who to glean inspiration for what might sound like an unlikely companion project: a cookbook.
Having successfully tried the self-publishing route previously with SteamDrunks, a steampunk-themed cocktail book, Oseland then used Amazon’s independent publishing platforms, CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing, to turn around the project in time for the show’s special anniversary, writing, photographing and publishing the book in a single year – and that’s without relying on a time-shifting trip in the TARDIS.
Dining With the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook contains nearly 100 recipes ranging from appetizers and side dishes to main courses, snacks, adult beverages and desserts, as well as options for vegans, vegetarians and cooks with other dietary restrictions. Recipe ingredients are given both in conventional U.S. measurements (cups, teaspoons, etc.) and metric equivalents for readers in other countries. Directions are provided in an appealing, chatty and witty style that Doctor Who fans will recognize as coming from a kindred spirit.
In terms of degree of difficulty, some of the recipes are very kid-friendly – such as The Doctor’s Hand, which uses hot dogs, crescent roll dough and cheddar cheese – while others like Tardis Wellington are somewhat more challenging.
And, of course, if you want something to nibble on while watching the episode in which Amy Pond first meets The Doctor, Fish Custard Tacos gives you a visual representation of the pair’s famous fish-fingers-and-custard repast while containing ingredients that are much more appealing in terms of taste.
Dining With the Doctor is available from Amazon in both a paperback print format and a Kindle e-book.

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